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Transformers Figures - Animated Battle Pack with DVD

Until now, Optimus Prime never thought he would come face to face with Megatron. The legendary villain was thought to be long ago deactivated, but on Cybertron his power and his evil are still feared.

He knows that to face Megatron is to face his own mortality. Megatron, on the other hand, does not know who this young Autobot is, and does not care. All he knows is that the AllSpark is under this fool’s protection. If he will not give it up, Megatron will tear him apart to get it.

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Animated Battle Pack with DVD

The Battle Begins with the Transformers Animated Battle Pack, Optimus Prime and Megatron meet for the first time in the exciting new Transformers Animated series. Witness the first battles of a new legend as the Autobots and Decepticons struggle to control the secrets of the AllSpark. With the help of Sari and their other human friends, Optimus Prime and his loyal companions fight against the evil plotting of Megatron, with the fate of the city in the balance.

Prepare for battle with these two fantastic Transformers Figures, designed to introduce kids to the new world of Transformers the Animated Battle Pack includes OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON figures posed battle-ready with over-sized weapons. Figures come with an exclusive DVD featuring The Battle Begins episode from the Transformers Animated series.

Optimus Prime in robot mode is poised for battle with his double-handed axe, while Megatron will be ready to fight back, wielding a fusion cannon. Convert the cannon to a sword for added battle excitement. Gear up for land versus air combat too, when you convert the figures to Earth Truck and Cybertron Fusion Fighter in vehicle mode.

Transformers Animated Battle Pack Technical Details

* Two detailed robot-to-vehicle figures
* Double-handed ion axe weapon
* Fusion cannon weapon that converts to a sword
* Exclusive The Battle Begins DVD
* DVD features an episode from the Transformers Animated series

Animated Battle Pack Reviews

"I love this toy almost as much as my 4yr old son - good job as i have to do most of the transforming of it but he's getting the hang of it! The DVD is cool to takes me right back to the 80's hehe!
The Animated Battle Pack contains two Transformers figures and a DVD, this set is much better than the set produced for the Classics line.

The Optimus prime transforms into a truck, which is more modelled on the Optimus you see in the TV show in the post ep 2, he has a large axe instead of a gun and it can be attached to his rear in vehicle mode. Movement of the figures is great with lots of a ways to move them and display them if you are that type of person.

Megatron is meant to be his Cybertron form which you see very little of in general in the show, for the most part, black. Megatron's cannon has a blade that folds over and down from one side to the other giving Megatron his so called twin sword which isn't that great unless it's on the Leader class toy of Megatron.

The DVD is rated U if you are wondering, value for money, yes, two figures, a 20 min adventure featuring the characters and others from the line, plus it's better then the Deluxe Cybertron prime & Voyager Megatron that are separate from this pack"

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August 15, 2022
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