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From the moment Optimus Prime took Earth as a new home for himself and his people, he was rededicated to its protection. Since that day, he has focused all of his considerable will and power on rooting out the last few Decepticons and destroying them. To that end, he has upgraded and refined his sensor suite, and trained with Ironhide in tracking the evil robots.

Get ready to do battle Autobot style with the Voyager Optimus Prime Transformers Figures. Team up with the good guys and fire either of two missiles from this Optimus Prime’s cannons in robot mode, or convert to truck mode and turn the smokestack into cannons. Either way, you’re armed for battle with the fantastic Voyager Optimus Prime Transformers Figure!

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Voyager Optimus Product Features

* Action Figure from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie
* Larger scale movie Action Figures!
* Realistic styling
* Conversion from vehicle to robot!
* Mech Alive technology

Voyager Optimus Prime Reviews

"I bought the Transformers Voyager Optimus Prime Figure with reasonably low intentions as I was under a strong belief that the leaser would be the only good prime. I in for a treat. In my mind, Voyager Optimus Prime is great! He has a very nice vehicle mode, some nice detail and his paint is rather nice.

The robot mode of Voyager Optimus Prime is rather nice and he has good movement and detail and seems a good representation of Optimus. The Voyager Optimus Prime Transformers Figure has a huge backpack, which is a little disappointing and being pinned to his back, isn't removable, it's huge. However, it can be folded down, rather than up behind his head which does look a lot better, but it is still there; some may view this as something which ruins the figure, I personally do not.

All in all I would say the Voyager Optimus Prime Transformers Figure is a nice figure. I'd really recommend picking this up if a fan of Optimus and a definate buy if you have any voyager Megatron figures, a nice toy for children too"

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August 15, 2022
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