Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure

Transformers Figures - Ultimate Bumblebee

Transformers Figures - Ultimate Bumblebee

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee is a very cunning soldier completely dedicated to all his buddies. Ultimate Bumblebee when threatened with danger changes to robot mode with his cannon blazing!

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee is earth's first line of defense against the evil Decepticons, in vehicle mode, Ultimate Bumblebee waits until called upon to protect his friends and any other humans that maybe under threat from the enemy.

The fantastic Tranformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure comes to life at the push of a button!

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Ultimate Bumblebee

The Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure from Hasbro is the big one for the serious Transformers collector that is fast becoming quite hard to get hold of! Ultimate Bumblebee stands more than 14 inches tall highly meriting it's title "Ultimate." Ultimate Bumblebee has a sleek design and comes with battle and conversation sounds and advanced animatronics system.

Hasbro's Ultimate Bumblebee also features animated head, wings and arms, his cannon automatically "aims" and fires a missile! Convert Bumblebee in to Camaro conept vehicle mode with battle and conversion sounds!

Get ready for action with the Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure with it's realistic engine sounds, screeching brakes and crashing noises - even a car alarm and horn! Ultimate Bumblebee also comes with 17 cool phrases like, "Let's roll out!" and "Take that Decepticon!" Ultimate Bumblebee is a stunning interactive action figure and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any dedicated transformers fan! The Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure is one of the most fully featured action figures you will ever come across.

The Hasbro Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee is one of the premium Transformers Figures!

Transformers Figures - Ultimate Bumblebee Reviews

"The Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Figure from Hasbro really is by far the best of all the Transformers range in my opinion and mine takes pride of place in my living room, sometimes in robot form, sometimes in Camaro form. Ultimate Bumblebee looks superb in both modes and is surprisingly striking in car form, and stands nice and firm in robot form.

The build of the Ultimate Bumblebee Transformers Figure is fantastic quality and has been designed so that if a part is overly forced, instead of breaking it just drops off, it then can be connected again easily with a simple push.

The Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee also fires his missile and if you transform him correctly then press the Autobot logo on his hood his engine will start up and you can then rev up and sit and idle until you push him, when he'll make more noise and screech when you stop him. Highly recommended"

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August 15, 2022
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